If you are planning to pillows, bedding, comforters etc then Buffy will definitely satisfy you.


Buffy got huge recognitions for their world class products. You can experience like resting of cloud with Buffy products.

Buffy believes in using of recyclable materials and in order to the same they recycle plastic bottles to produce cloud comforter insulation. Buffy extracts the plastic bottles and plastic wastes from landfill and ocean then with recycling and some other processes. Similarly eucalyptus fibre is used for fabric production that demands 76 % less water than cotton without using any kind of pesticides so it is very beneficial to save water.

Some of the Buffy products are listed below –


Breeze comforters are developed by the latest temperature regulating technology so you will feel cool in warm weather and hot in cold weather to achieve the greatest seeping experience. This comforter is made by Oeko-Tex, eco friendly eucalyptus fibre. With an overall 4.7 ratings it has lots of favourable comments too.

Buy at – $179


Produced by 100% eucalyptus fibre with no use of essential oils so it will very safe to pets or kids. These sheets are very cool, comfortable, breathable and luxurious to satisfy all your needs. It is developed to become softer with every single wash. Eco friendly fibre with Oeko Tex certified woven is used along with other necessary materials. It will easily wash with all natural dyes in washing machines. Available in various sizes like Twin, TwinXL, Full, Queen, King and Cal King, in different attractive colors.

Company offers 7 night free trial before buying. With the lots of positive reviews this product has an overall 4.8 ratings.

Buy at – $199


Linen sheets produced by Buffy were developed using 100% soft hemp linen sheets that offers a very breathable and comfortable experience. Application of Hydrogen Peroxide adds an extreme amount of lightness and softness. Antibacterial hemp fibre resists degradation against molding, UV and light fading. It has 4.7 ratings.

You will get a 7 days free trial on this product

Buy at – $249


You will feel like sleeping on cloud with these cloud pillows. It will provide a soft and comfortable support to your neck and shoulders. Company produces this pillow under three types of firmness soft, medium and firm in two sizes standard and king. Eucalyptus fabric and extra fluffy fibre are wrapped within this pillow. 24-30 plastic bottles were recycled during production. It has an overall 4.8 ratings.

Buy at – $49


They have a vision to help you live comfortably ensuring our planet healthy so they always use eco friendly or bio degradable materials to produce their products. With they not only works to make today good but they always tries for betterment of tomorrow, with the chant “KeepEarthComfy”.



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